Rehabbed Apartments (3518-3520 W Congress Pkwy)

On April 25, 1974 the city of Chicago made its first attempt to rehabilitate abandoned buildings within the inner city area of East Garfield Park. Through a $1.2 million low interest loan, this was the first state funding for restoration of moderate-income housing.

The loan was used by the Fifth City Citizens Redevelopment Corporation. Their plan was to restore four abandoned apartment buildings that were located on the corner of S. Homan Ave (225, 251-257, and 422-24) and W Jackson Blvd (3401-11). The apartment would go on to establish 58 three and four bedroom apartments to East Garfield residents at subsidized rental rates by the Federal Housing Administration.

The community organizations had only been founded 10 years and were already in their second phase of the Fifth City program; this included three other rehabilitation projects resulting in the restoration of about 160 family units.

Fifth City program coordinator, Lela Mosley, mentioned in a news article on May 2, 1974 that it would be less costly if abandoned buildings were acquired as early as possible. She stated, “There would be much less damage and so much less work to do.” 

Irving M. Gerick, IHDA director, said the development “will prove conclusively that rehabilitation can be a viable option for salvaging some of the decaying inner-city communities in Chicago and other Illinois cities.”

The restoration plans were drawn up by the architectural firm of Swann and Weiskopf, with Renewal Builders acting as the general contractor.

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